Bulchi is the new face of BLUE GEMS which for almost four decades has been a pre−eminent diamantaire in the global diamond industry. With an unmatched network of 'everyday' diamonds, exceptional stones and hard to find items, Bulchi specializes in fine quality solitaires & exclusive solitaire jewelry.

An international diamond company proudly operating with the traditional values upon which it was built - integrity, reliability & authenticity. Bulchi is among the few companies in India which is closely associated with rare merchandise, fine quality large diamonds, fancy coloured stones & exquisite handcrafted couture solitaire diamond studded jewelry. Many of the company’s pieces are selectively produced to its exclusive clientele which are mostly reputed retail stores across the globe to be displayed as masterpieces generating unprecedented publicity & excitement about their stores and attracting new clientele.

The Bulchi’s diamond expertise and passion is currently being passed-down to a second generation of diamantaires who are continuing the family’s tradition of excellence in a new diamond era.

A dedication to helping its retailers build their brands is at the heart of Bulchi's business. Rather than promoting itself to the consumer, the company operates quietly as 'the brand behind the brand,' encouraging its clients to present Bulchi's diamonds directly to their customers under their own brand names.


At Bulchi we commission singular design pieces for you that perfectly complement your finer sensibilities and exquisite taste in diamonds. Once you choose your diamond it will be customized in the perfect setting according to your unique requirements. We create the perfect setting for rings,pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches.